A Properly Cast, designed and custom made Orthotic

Made for You, And You alone could change your whole world!

Orthotics provide much needed support for the foot when you wear them. They help adjust the foot and impede motions that are caused by improper foot mechanics.

The main function of orthotics is to control motion while you wear them. Similar to eye glasses that improve your vision when you wear them.

Orthotics don’t support your arch alone. Orthotics slow down or stop all erroneous motions caused by improper mechanics. Designed Orthotics in turn can alleviate problems in other parts of the body, including knees, hips and low back.

At The Foot Guy, David Allison will lead you through a full examination to find out what is really happening when you walk. This will allow for a perfectly fitting orthotic designed to help alleviate your condition, improve your walking, and better your lifestyle.

Lots of Style to Choose From

Sandals, Clogs, Closed Toe Shoes, Loafers and even Slippers!